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Dec 29 2008

Handy tool for web designers

Designers who are used to using pixels for sizing fonts on web pages, should find this pixel to em converter a very handy tool.  My only query is that it doesn't tell me about the relationship to different fonts.  For example, text written in 12pt Arial looks bigger than 12pt Times New Roman.

But it will save me time in future.  I can spend a lot of time compared to my present practice of changing values in CSS, uploading the file by FTP and then reloading a page to assess whether the font size is acceptable.

Why use ems rather than pixels?  Pixels specify the font on a web page at a fixed size which cannot be resized by the browser, whereas fonts specified in ems can be resized by the browser. This is extremely useful for people who prefer to read font on a screen at a larger size.  In fact, it is a crucial strand in accessible web design.

The link to this tool came from web accessibility experts, WebCredible.

First published 1st March 2007.

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